POiS für die Fertigung

POIS for Planning

Production units nowadays face the challenge of ever-increasing orders with smaller quantities and tighter deadlines. They always have to make sure at the same time their workload matches of their production capacities.

Production Planning

Permanent rescheduling is a part of the daily business in production planning. To achieve that, updated information from the production is indispensible.

Graphic Planning Table
Graphic Planning Table

rwt GmbH provides these data up-to-date with its

  • graphic planning table
  • load overwiew
  • human resource planning
  • order delay list.

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Production Order Analysis and OEE

Economic use of production units calls for a detailed analysis of the production process. There are weak points that have to be traced, downtimes and non-productive or preparatory times to be reduced, and the availability of production facilities that can be improved through preventive measures.


rwt GmbH provides with its

  • machine and production data analysis
  • production order analysis
  • OEE coefficient " Overall Equipment Effectiveness"

a reliable tool for your analysis.

With the web-based interface, information is always up-to-date and at any time accessible, for example on smartphones.

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Production planning and OEE of rwt GmbH provides you with the right tool to optimize your manufacturing process.