POiS® - Living Industry 4.0 with our know-how

Shopfloor processes are intelligently designed using our MES solution POiS®. Since 2001, rwt has been developing functions that align with today's key principles of Industry 4.0.

All rwt products are modular as standard. They can be easily and optimally integrated into existing system landscapes. POiS® ensures high efficiency and transparancy in the production process for small, medium-sized and large manufacturing companies.

Production Manager (PDV) with DNC

  • Continuous part-related
  • Process reliability down to the CNC machine
  • Digital change management
  • Automatic documentation and archiving


  • Data collection directly into the CNC control
  • Precise identification of machine status
  • CNC machine actively requests data input (HMI)
  • Automatic piece time recording for each individual piece
  • OEE without ODC


  • ODC dialogue integrated directly into the control
  • Pecise order times for automatied systems
  • Automatic order changeover
  • Basic for detailed order analyses and post-calculation

WDE® tool manager

  • Machine-neutral provision of tools
  • Tool data collection during the manufacturing process
  • Real-time determination of tool requirements
  • Self-reporting of each tool components

NcS CAM software

  • Production-oriented NC programming system
  • Shopfloor-oriented programming (WOP)
  • Process plan programming (source program)
  • Machine- und customer specific macros
  • Even without a post-prozessor

MDA analyses and OEE

  • Identify weaknesses early
  • Continuouse optimization of complex production processes
  • Analyse cycle times based on exact data
  • Visualisization with individual evaluations

Graphic planning table

  • Simple and clear representation of complex relationsships
  • Early identification of bottlenecks and availalbe capacities
  • Transparency in manufacturing
  • Can be used independently without a PPS

Living Industry 4.0. with our know-how.

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