POiS® MDA analyses reveal the state and trends of manufacturing, enhancing profitability and providing transparency. They allow for the continuous optimization of not just individual workflows but also complex manufacturing processes. Reliable data capture with POiS® MDC always forms the basis. Additionally, for the meaningful OEE metric, POiS® ODC or rwt POiS® Auto-OEE is required.

Precise machine data collection and the reasoning for machine downtime with POiS® MDC, which is integrated into the workflow, facilitate in-depth analyses of machine downtimes and the qualification of causes of disruptions.

With rwt's automatic piece time recording, it's even possible to analyze the meaningful production time per piece.

Continuous optimization of complex manufacturing process

OEE - overview of production equipment effectiveness

Analyses based on precise process data

Early identification of weakness

Visualization with individual evaluations

OEE and TEEP - optimization of economic value added

The OEE metric is the foundation for optimizing the added value of a production facility and serves as the starting point for in-depth analyses.
OEE is calculated based on three factors: Availability, performance, and quality, encompassing all losses in the production process. Basis is always the reliable data collection with POiS® MDC and either POiS® ODC or POiS® Auto-OEE.
The TEEP metric takes it to a higher level. It expands the OEE metric with a factor for machine planning.

At a glance, it shows whether the facilities meet their planned objectives.

MDA analyses (VDI) and monitoring

POiS® MDA analysis provides a clear visualization of the collected machine data. The current production situation is also accessible in real-time on mobile devices.
The precise machine data collection of POiS® MDC enables reliable detailed analysis of machine downtime and a qualification of the causes of disruptions. Analysis data for individual time periods can be retrieved for all workstations and groups. Trends can be recognized through time period comparisons.

With POiS® MDA analysis, machine data is calculated and cumulated according to VDI 3423. Information on utilization, technical and organizational downtimes forms the basis for process optimizations and serves as a decision-making foundation for machine acquisitions.

Real-time piece rate analyses

POiS® MDC automatically records the production time for each individual piece in real-time, providing reliable information about order progress, deviations from target times, and variations in the manufacturing process. With rwt's automatic piece rate tracking, it's possible to analyze the meaningful production time per piece.

In piece rate analysis following REFA standards, upper and lower limits can be defined, which helps to disregard outliers in the calculation and determine meaningful average piece rates.

Automatic piece rate tracking provides essential data for post-calculation of the part and insights into machine performance efficiency.

Visualization of user-defined analyses

With custom web-based dashboards and reports, users gain quick access to real-time data. These pieces of information can be conveniently viewed on the go through mobile devices such as tablets, allowing users to stay informed about the current state of manufacturing anytime and anywhere.

The integrated dashboard designer makes it easy to create and customize user-specific dashboards using a drag-and drop interface. Each user can select different parameters as needed to represent the required current data.

To enhance transparency, analyses can be displayed as a slideshow on large monitors in the manufacturing environment.

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