The POiS® planning table simplifies complexity by graphically representing processes and relationships in a clear and straightforward manner. It enables a cost-effective and optimized manufacturing workflow.

Capacity planning is always based on the current production situation, considering plan data from the ERP/PPS system and manufacturing-related dependencies. Online deadline checks ensure continuous transparency in manufacturing. The capacity overview highlights bottlenecks and available capacity in advance.

The planning table can also be used independently without a PPS system.

Optimization of production processes

Reduction of order planning complexity

Early detection of bottlenecks and available capacity

Continuous monitoring of dorcution progress

Clear presentation of production orders

Production orders are scheduled on available workstations and presented in a clear Gantt chart. This process considers plan data from the ERP system, the current capacity availability, and manufacturing-related dependencies of the operations.

For rescheduling and adjustment of production orders, functions for forward and backward scheduling can be utilized, or operations can be manually moved via drag and drop. Early identification of bottlenecks and available capacity in the workload overview facilitates production planning.

Continuous monitoring of production progress

ODC feedback provides live updates on production progress, continuously updating the planning situation. An overview provides information about potential delivery date delays. Endangered delivery dates are immediately recognized, and appropriate measures like overtime, operation splitting, or outsourcing can be taken promptly.

Order tracking ensures ongoing transparency in production planning.

Personnel deployment planning (PEP)

Personnel deployment planning (PEP) considers not only machine capacities but also personnel capacities in the planning process. The planned personnel is displayed for each machine, considering factors such as employee qualifications. Bottlenecks are identified in advance, and when determining due dates, the absence of personnel capacity is automatically taken into account.

Personnel deployment planning is an optional extension of the planning table.

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