The base module POiS® Production Manager (PDV) with DNC ensures centralized data management for NC data on the server, including tool data and presetting devices. Production-relevant data can be provided to CNC machines or workstations in real-time. The continuous part reference ensures process reliability down to the CNC control. The digital change management automatically checks NC data for up-to-dateness even directly before the start of production.

DNC by rwt is also highly suitable for integrating MES POiS® as a subsystem within a cross-functional MES.

Process security because of part reference down to the CNC control

Continuous information exchange down to the CNC machine

Digital change management up to shortly before production start

Quality asscurance and traceability

Smart Services and Human-Machine-Interaction (HMI)

Faster and secure data transfer

Process security because of part reference down to the CNC control

The NC programs are automatically transfered from the CAM system and are managed in the POiS® Production Manager (PDV) machine-specific and part-related for production. In addition, all production-relevant files such as clamping sketches, images and production drawings are assigned. When selecting a part order, NC programs and their related NC data are displayed clearly directly on the control. Furthermore, machine-specific tool data and archives of the CNC machine can be backed up for maintenance.

NC programs can be released or blocked manually and process-controlled for DNC transfer in the production.

Avoid production of "wrong" parts

rwt's digital change management provides the solution to implement (construction) changes in increasingly shorter timeframes. There ist a multi-stage verification process for this, starting with the provision of NC data through to the use of this data directly on the control.

Using POiS® Auto-NC Check, the program which is already loaded onto the CNC control, is automatically re-evaluated for its currency - just before the start of production.
With these smart services, even last-minute changes can be implemented with process reliability.

Automatic documentation for quality
assurance and traceability

The rwt DNC process seamlessly logs all NC data, including changes and optimized programs, right up to the CNC control. The complete NC data history is displayed part-related.
Documentation is thus automatically ensured from production preparation through to manufacturing (Production documentation ISO 9001).

Furthermore, at the end of production, the NC data used on the CNC machine can be process-controlled backed up for technical documentation. If parts are manufactured incorrectly, it is possible to trace exactly which tools, which machines and which versions of the NC programs were used for production.

DNC for reliable data transfer

POiS® DNC ensures faster und more secure data transfer directly into the CNC control. The rwt Fileservice communication, specially developed for manufacturing production provides permanent IT security - without the need ofcontrol updates. The use of risky file shares is unnecessary.

Using the web application DNC-Web, NC programs can be transfered to and from CNC machines, even with external terminals or tablets. This DNC module is particularly suitable for the integration of rwt POiS® as a subsystem within a corss-functional MES. Hereby, DNC-Web can be called up directly from the external ODC application with informations on the production order.

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