The process chain and automation in tool provision used to be solely based on planned data. Short-term changes were only identified at the start of production, often resulting in tool-related machine downtimes. POiS® WDE® offers an innovative solution for CNC tool organization with its machine-neutral tool provisioning and tool data capture during the manufacturing process.
Tools are provisioned independently of the machine type, allowing for flexible usage. Each real tool provides information about its own state, location, and availability.
Tool requirement lists are live-matched with the current tool occupancy on the CNC machine. In addition, ad-hoc requirement lists arising during production, such as requests for replacement tools or online tool demands from flexible manufacturing systems, are considered in tool planning.

Flexible tool usage through machine-neutral provisioning

Reduction of tool inventory through flexible utilization

Consideration of real tool inventories in demand assessment

Adhoc requiremtn lists directly from the manufacturing process

Tool data backup reduces machine downtimes

Unique identification of tool components

WDE® Tool Manager - flexible tool provision

The POiS® WDE® Tool Manager ensures flexible provisioning of real tools for machines. Tool requirement lists imported from the planning phase are live-matched with the current tool occupancy on the CNC machine through availability checks to determine the actual demand.

Feedback from real-time information in manufacturing is available for both further planning of requirement lists and in the POiS® WDE® Tool Manager for real-time tool provisioning. Tool-related disruptions are automatically detected on the machine and reported as ad-hoc requirement lists (online tool requests) directly from production to the tool presetting. This enables the prompt provisioning of replacement tools to prevent machine downtimes.

WDE® - unified tool provision

Unlike conventional solutions, with POiS® WDE®, tools are neutrally measured by the tool presetter. Only when the tool is transferred to the machine (carried to the machine) does the automated generation of machine-specific tool actual data occur.

The advantage of rwt's unified tool provision: Tools are provided independently of the machine type, allowing for flexible usage. Additionally, dismounted but still usable tools can be used on other machines without the need for remeasuring. This can significantly reduce tool inventory in manufacturing and cut costs.

Self-disclosure of eacht tool component

With POiS® WDE®, each real tool provides information about its condition, on which machine it has been used, and whether it is still operational for additional machines based on the tool change reason and the remaining service life. This is possible because tool data is automatically captured throughout the entire tool cycle during the manufacturing process. Each individual real tool or component is uniquely identified using a Data Matrix Code. If specific tools exhibit irregularities, such as quality issues, the user can respond proactively and promptly. This leads to a significant reduction in downtimes, tool costs, and time spent.

Finding usable real tools is facilitated through convenient search functions via Data Matrix Codes, complete tool identification numbers, machines, and machine carts in the POiS® WDE® Tool Manager.

Integrated WDE® operator dialogue in the control

The integrated POiS® WDE® operator dialogue in the control system allows for automatically loading tool actual data into the virtual tool cabinet of the machine during tool setup. When disassembling the tool, the reason for the change is also captured with the POiS® WDE® solution. This enables reusable tools to be subsequently used on other machines.

For control systems with fully automated tool changes, tool actual data is automatically loaded onto a magazine slot during the POiS® WDE® provisioning via the rwt standard interface.

WDE® process data for tool analyses

The process data captured via POiS® WDE® provides reliable information for analyses and key performance indicators to optimize the tools.
•    Are there quality issues with specific tools?
•    Are the tool service lives being met?
•    Are there tool-related machine downtimes?
Customizable, adaptable dashboards provide the necessary overview for monitoring and analyses.

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