Shopfloor processes

Due to digitalization, there is an increasing number of change requests happening in a shorter time frame. The expectation for swift processing and implementation is on the rise. For manufacturing, this means, for instance, the need to promptly detect and execute last-minute construction changes just before production begins. Whether the manufacturing is small or large, wether it is spanning across multiple locations: manufacturing must adapt to producing in ever smaller batch sizes. This is achieved by: manufacturing today needs to think in holistic processes, and this is achieved by:

  • enabling automatic data exchange across system boundaries (digitally linking subsystems),
  • viewing manufacturing systems as department-crossing, hierarchical process chains,
  • intelligently connecting software systems - Smart Services, HMI, MES subsystems.

From automatic to intelligent data exchange

With the innovative MES POiS® by rwt, it's not just a matter of exchanging data records; systems are intelligently interconnected. Through the integration of rwt software into the control system (Machine Connectivity), direct communication between humans and machines (HMI) becomes possible. All the necessary information regarding requirements, changes, conditions, etc., from the manufacturing process is fed back for the direct optimization of the production cycle (Closed Loop Manufacturing).

Despite all the standardization and automation, manufacturing must remain flexible. The MES POiS® supports and optimizes existing manufacturing processes, enables flexibility in automated processes, and assists employees.

Software systems compelement each other

While in the past, decentralized optimization of sub-processes took precedence, today's processes must be viewed across departments. Only in this way can the overall process be optimized, and maximum flexibility achieved.
The exchange of data between systems from different areas of added value is essential in this regard.

In companies primarily engaged in machining manufacturing, POiS® is suitable as a standalone MES that directly exchanges data with ERP/PPS. In large enterprises with a cross-departmental MES POiS® can be used as an MES subsystem in the machining manufacturing.

POiS® can be flexibly integrated into existing systems.

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