DNC shopfloor processes

In manufacturing, an increasing number of (construction) changes must be implemented in shorter time frames. rwt's digital change management provides the solution to avoid producing "incorrect" parts. This process involves a multi-stage verification from the provision of NC data to the use of this data directly on the control:

  • Automatic verification in the Production Manager (PDV) after changes in CAD/CAM or ERP/PPS systems.
  • Automatic verification when requesting the NC program on the CNC control (DNC change management).
  • Automatic verification of the NC program already loaded on the CNC control - before use (Auto-NC Check).

With these functions, even last-minute changes can be implemented with process reliability.

Processes directly into the control system

Process reliability

Multi-stage verification of NC data

System integration

DNC-Web for the integration of POiS® as a subsystem

With the web application DNC-Web NC programs can also be transferred to and from the CNC machine even using external terminals or tablets. This DNC module is particularly suitable for integrating rwt POiS® as a subsystem within a cross-departmental MES. DNC-Web can be accessed directly from the external ODC application, providing information about the production order.

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