POiS für die Fertigung

POiS: MES-Partner for Industry 4.0

For more than 15 years, rwt GmbH has been implementing the main concepts of Industry 4.0 for the manufacturing industry through its software solutions.

Industry 4.0 Using the Example of a Tool Organization

Smart Tools
Smart Tools

One core concept of Industry 4.0 is the creation of smart systems, manufacturing equipment and items in production. The CNC-integrated tool organization of rwt GmbH turns tools into smart tools.

The advantages for the user are higher data quality, improved process safety, increase in OEE, and reduction in tool costs, etc.

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Our Software Solutions

  • Central, parts-related production data management (PDV)
  • DNC, MDC ODC - software directly integrated in the control
  • Tool data collection (TDC) - smart tools with Data Matrix
  • CNC-integrated tool organizsation incl. maintenance data
  • CAM without post-processor (NcS)
  • Planning table with and without ERP/ PPS-systems
  • Web-based production analysis and OEE
  • rwt Fileservice - protection for networked production units

Grafik Werkzeugorganisation

POiS provides for an consistent MES solution. All products are built up modularly as standard, and can be optimally integrated into existing system environments.

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Smart Machines - Vision or Today's Reality?

The basis of a smart machine is a reliable and direct technology of communication and information.

Integrated Directly in the CNC-Control
Integrated Directly in
the CNC-Control

Already 15 years ago, rwt GmbH developed a corresponding solution for well-known clients that they have been using ever since: DNC, MDC ODC and tool data collection are integrated as software directly into the CNC control. The machine automatically documents all the process data and makes them directly available on the control. The control also automatically checks if the NC program being used is up-to-date - this prevents manufacturing the "wrong" parts. The operator is automatically informed about any discrepancies or malfuntions.

The machine in turn receives all the necessary production-related data.

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Networked Production Facilities - Blessing or Curse?

Machines need to exchange data mutually and directly in order to produce effectively and flexibly. That's the reason why production unites have to be networked nowadays.

These networked production facilities have to be permanently and reliably protected against unauthorized acess from outside. Our rwt Filservice ensures this protection, especially for older Windows operating systems - without security updates.

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